The relationship with the Druze in Syria and Lebanon

The honorable Sheikh used to be kept up to date with the situation of the Druze around the world.

An exceptional relationship was developed between the Sheikh and the Druze brothers in Lebanon. This relationship started during the time of his studies in the region of Biada.

The relations with the Druze of Syria started during his days of serving as the head of the community. The Sheikh used to consult the brothers from the Mount of the Druze regarding possible solutions for problems he had faced. He always found there a sympathetic ear.

In 1940, a respected delegation of Druze from the Mount of the Druze in Syria was sent in order to bring peace to the village of Shefar'am.

The Mount of the Druze underwent hard times when a few parties of interest attempted to spark a dispute between the brothers of the mountain and to destroy the long prevailing harmony. In 1941 a delegation headed by Sheikh Ameen Tareef, succeeded in bringing peace to the mountain.

In 1947, the Sheikh hosted the last delegation from Lebanon as his guests, during the celebrations in honor of the deceased Nebi Shueib.

In 1948 and with the establishment of the State of Israel, the mutual visits ceased. However, the Sheikh continued to be updated with the situation of his Druze brothers in the area, and according to him: "We cannot give up on the community members everywhere around the world and nothing can separate between us".

In 1953 the Sheikh organized in his village Julis a memorial ceremony in honor of the late Sheikh Abu Hssin Mahmud Farag from Lebanon.

On 12/11/1968 he welcomed the first Druze delegation from the Golan Heights at the tomb of Nebi Shueib.

In 1977, the Sheikh conducted a ceremony in memory of the deceased leader Kamal Junbelat, which took place close to the tomb of Nebi Shueib, may his soul rest in peace. Tens of thousand of Israeli Druze took part in this ceremony.

In 1981, the Sheikh conducted a ceremony in memory of the late Sheikh Abu Ali Muhana Hassan, Sheikh Albiada.

Since the beginning of the Lebanon War, the Sheikh began following closely the developments of the Druze's situation in Lebanon, and took enormous steps to maintain their status.

The Sheikh heard bad news regarding a possible outbreak of a conflict between the brothers in Lebanon that could have caused an unbridgeable dispute. The Sheikh initiated a delegation of Druze from Israel and the Golan Heights, which went to Lebanon on 23/7/1982 and succeeded in establishing a new relationship between the different Druze leaderships in Lebanon.

On 15/10/1982 the Sheikh visited Hilwat el Biada after a long severance since 1948.

Following the events in 1983, during which Druze villages in Lebanon were being bombed by the American battleships, especially the "New Jersey", the Sheikh met with the American ambassador to Israel, Mr. Samuel Lewis and demanded to stop the bombings. In the same year, he demanded from the then ruling Prime Minister of Israel, Menachem Begin, to remove the barriers of the Phalangists.

In 1991 the Sheikh organized a ceremony in memory of the late Sheikh Muhammad Abu Shakra, the leader of the Druze community in Lebanon.