The Eleventh Memorial Day - October 2004

In honor of the 11th Memorial Day, a parade of the youth movement "Hanoar Ha'oved Ve'halomed" in the Druze sector took part on 1/10/2004. The parade was initiated by Mrs. Lina Nabuani, manager of "Hano'ar Ha'oved Ve'halomed" in the Druze sector. The parade started at the Yasif junction and ended at the back yard of the late Sheikh's house. Hundreds of teenagers from all Druze villages in the North: Galilee, Mount Carmel and the Golan Heights, took part in this parade.

In the reception ceremony the following persons gave speeches:

  • The Sheikh Muafak Tareef, leader of the Druze community.
  • Mr. Pesach Hospet, secretary of "Hano'ar Ha'oved Ve'halomed".
  • Mr. Jamal Abas, manager of "Youth and Society" in the Druze sector.

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On 2/10/2004, Saturday morning, religious Sheikhs came to the backyard at the late Sheikh's house.

After visiting the tomb, these people gathered at the Hilwa (house of worship) close to the Sheikh's home and prayed for his soul.