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His Life :Sheikh Ameen Tareef was born in 1898 in the village of Julis, located in the Upper Western Galilee in Israel... Read more His Contribution :Since the beginning of his service, Sheikh Ameen, together with a selected group of religious Druze, visited... Read more
His Relationships :The honorable Sheikh used to be kept up to date with the situation of the Druze around the world. An exceptional... Read more His Death :The Sheikh Ameen Tareef passed away shortly before noon (approximately 11:30), on Saturday the 2/10/1993, at the age... Read more
His Will :The honorable late Sheikh wrote his Will and changed it a several times, in light of the circumstances. The first... Read more The Eulogy :Soon... Read more
His Tomb :In the first conference in the date 22/10/1993, was decided that the Monday in October from all year will be the... Read more His Doctrine :Soon... Read more
Speeches and Rulings :Soon... Read more Historical Documents :Soon... Read more
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